May 16, 2013

I have more than 12,000 people NOT on my email list. You could be one of them!

Good thing I make my living in fundraising because I'm really bad at this book promotion thing.

I published Semper over a year ago, and with nearly 12,000 copies in circulation I am only now setting up a real email list. Maybe that's why Forsada (the sequel to Semper) has only 1,900 copies out in its fourth month.

See the entry form over there on the blog's right rail? You can sign up there.

When my list gets to 100 people, I'll give away a signed copy of Forsada to a random subscriber. Already have Forsada? I'll give you a signed copy of my next book if you prefer.

When my list gets to 500 people, I'll give away two more signed copies and a $25 gift card (either Amazon or Starbucks, your choice).

I'll give one additional entry into these drawings to anyone who tweets or posts this to facebook. Two additional entries for a Goodreads or Amazon rating. One more for a text review on Goodreads; one more for a text review on Amazon. If you blog your review, that's two more.

Please sign up. I don't send much email. And I'll never give out anyone's email address. I'll use it to announce new releases, appearances, and contests I have. I won't post blog updates; if you want to follow the blog, there's a feedburner over there as well.


TechnologyMan said...

Awesome, Peter! I didn't even know you were into the whole book publishing thing. Go for you! And congrats for getting 2 books completed and published!

here's an idea. why not give us snippets of your book as part of being on your email list? set it up as a timed (automated) auto responder sequence. that might spur additional interest in your book. Kind of how if you were an actor in a new blockbuster and you did the national media tour thing, we would get to see a clip from the movie as part of the interview to get a sense of what the movie is about. Give us a tease of each of your books. that should give you lots of ideas for what content to send us as part of being on your email list.

:) John

PJD said...

Interesting idea, John. I haven't really thought about how to use the list productively, but I am pretty sure I don't want to send out anything too often. The bigger problem is that the Day Job keeps me so busy, any extra time I have is spent on actually writing the third book, not on publicity. You've spurred some ideas, though!