May 2, 2013

Congressional art contest draws a crowd

Artistic talent skips a generation. My father-in-law was a graphic designer by profession, and pretty good at it. His daughter once drew an owl which looked exactly like a Mr. Coffee. (She was 24 at the time.)

Mr. Coffee
Owl that looks like Mr. Coffee

Then along comes our son, who must have inherited all the talent that skipped our generation. Because he has some mad talent with a pencil. Check out this drawing he submitted to our Congressional representative's art competition recently:

The original is 18 inches by 24 inches, I think. Something like that. It's all in pencil. He wanted to do a drawing that included aircraft from all four military services. I always get this wrong, but I'll try anyway: A Marines Harrier is on top, with an Air Force F-16 on the left and a Navy F-18 on the right, with an Army Cobra helicopter at the bottom.

He entered two contests. One is the Congressional contest where a panel of judges will select the winner from all the entrants, and the winning artwork will hang in Congress along with all the other winners from around the country.

The second contest is our rep's "viewers choice" contest. And the beauty here is YOU CAN VOTE.

To vote for Ethan's drawing, go to this page (a facebook page) and "like" the photo. That's it. None of those "this app wants permission to post on your wall" crap. Just a simple "like." Then you can browse through all the other entries, some of which are quite good.

He's pretty talented, no? Sometimes I wish he'd expand his subject matter (he only draws airplanes, focusing on military in particular), but it's art. The artist has to do what the artist is called to do, right?


Christy Luis Reviews: Speculative Fiction (Mostly) said...

I think FB should make a "love it" button. Very cool drawing!

PJD said...

Thanks, Christy!