December 28, 2011

haiku wednesday - the what? what? washington! edition

This week's words are demolish, resolution, transform
Was my last 3WW actually in August? And is this really the last 3WW of 2011? What a year. Resolutions still yet to be made, parties to be attended, and bowl games to be won (go BEARS). But at least I can bookend the year with two 3WW entries.

demolish dissent
transform mayor into king
resolution passed

new resolution:
demolish uncertainty
transform "try" to "do"

hope demolished when
a resolution broken
transforms gold to lead


Grandma's Goulash said...

I fear there will be a lot of lead availabe by the second week in January. :D Nicely done.

Sheilagh Lee said...

yes there probably will be a lot of gold to lead in the next few months

Unknown said...

These are great, Peter; and I like them as a triptych, too. They are similar in tone, but subtly different in intent. Nicely done.

PJD said...

Thanks, all. Great to hear from you!

Grandma's Goulash, I tried to visit your link but my company's firewall wouldn't let me. Ah well, if I can connect from home I will try later.

PJD said...

Kim, I just reread these thinking of them as a triptych and see that they do work that way. Funny because that's not how I wrote them... each one sprung from its own source. Thanks for the comment that made me look at this in a new way! I love when that happens. :)

G. Graham said...

I like these, and they do work well as a triptych. The use of resolution in each one ties them together almost in a progressive fashion. Very cool.

dandelion girl said...

I enjoyed these. Good play on the three words.