March 16, 2010

Mini Minion Meet

Almost a year ago, I traveled halfway around the world to meet Robin in person, along with a few other wonderful EE minions.  Today, I had the great pleasure of seeing Robin again, this time on her home turf, or very nearly, in Alexandria, Virginia.  I also met her husband for the first time (yes, lads, sorry, but Robin is married) and liked him a lot despite his being Welsh.  Or possibly because he is Welsh.  I've only known one other openly Welsh person, and he's a good guy.  So maybe that's it.

This mini minion meet--or, better put, a minion mini meet although neither Robin nor I is what anyone would call "NBA height"--occurred at an Irish pub because, I suppose, it is Saint Patrick's Eve.  Which sounds vaguely like a the name of a very bad idea from a feminine products company.  And also because Robin is Irish.  Or, Irish German.  Depending on whose facts you believe.

In any case, much fun was had by all even though not one of us drank Guinness, which surprised even me.  Robin and I talked about writing and many other things.  More important, since Robin's Day Job is actually related to my line of work, we discussed business.  In fact, we discussed business for a number of minutes, during which the waiter conveniently delivered the check.  And it should be noted that if I had ordered a room service dinner on this business trip, which undoubtedly I would have done had I not met Robin and her husband, the bill would have been far higher.

It is a pleasantly odd feeling to be meeting a person for only the second time in your life yet fall instantly into a comfortable banter as if you grew up together.

Unfortunately, Chris was unable to leave her Things unsupervised and make the 90 minute drive to join us.  Which I don't quite understand since her facebook status seems always to imply that the supervision she provides is not always relevant to their activities anyway.

Finally, a note to all reading this:  We must do this again soon, with a larger contingent.  Fellow minions, what say ye?


pacatrue said...

Aye, says me. Argh!

I be a welcome host here in Hawaii.


fairyhedgehog said...

I wish I'd been there!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

What fun! Er, I mean, what a lucrative business meeting that must have been.

North Texas: I'll supply the bonfire, petting zoo, fresh eggs, and fire ants. Y'all bring your cowboy hats and boots (because the beasties will be supplying a load of something else for which you'll be happy to have proper foot protection).

Robin B. said...

Ha! Yep, this was a total pleasure - meeting up with Pete and hanging out.

And he's right (as those of you alreeady know who've met each other) - we already know each other so well, getting together is the opposite of uncomfortable - it's an extended-family reunion (the kind of family you actually want to see!)

Laurel said...

So jealous! Come to Georgia!

JB said...

Hi Pete.
John here. Good to meet you also.
Sorry my diet for the week forced me to drink a light, almost non-alcoholic beer, but I should be back to my preferred Guinness next time we meet.
Iechyd da!