June 6, 2006


We have two new members of our household. Meet Annie (the gray striped) and Alice (the pale tortoiseshell). We got them at the Martinez Animal Shelter, and they were just about eight weeks old. They're not sisters, and at first they didnt much care for each other. In three days they've warmed up to us and to each other, and they're both wonderful wee beasties now.

The first night we had them, we had to go out for a social engagement (happy 40th, Beth!). So we locked them snug in our half-bath downstairs. When we returned at 1 a.m., we could find only one kitten in the tiny room. I quickly figured out that Annie had climbed inside the pedestal of the pedestal sink, snaking through the access opening in the back and getting stuck down in the bottom cavity of the pedestal. The only solution was to unhook the piping and pull the sink off the wall since I could not reach in and pull her out. I finally got to bed around 2:30 a.m.

Welcome, Alice and Annie!

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