June 16, 2006

Blogger's Block

I notice that most of my blogging friends (and I) have not posted new items for days, or even weeks. Spring fever? Rampant bloggers' block? Too busy? Wrapped up in World Cup?

For me it's a combination of all four. It is hard to revise a novel, raise two kids, keep the weeds and pool algae in check, and hold down the day job.

Speaking of my writing, in general it's going well. Feedback from a professional writer is very positive, and I plan on sending queries out to agents within a week or two. Wish me luck. I've finished revising 13 of the 19 chapters, though I'll need to do another pass at some point. I worry that there's not quite enough action in the middle chapters and that the story is too character-based. But we shall see whether it flies or sinks. Or stinks so bad that it draw flies.

Still no word yet on the stories I submitted to THEMA way back when, or my submission to the Glimmer Train new writers contest, or my most recent submission to The First Line.

Go USA, beat Italy.

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