February 14, 2006

Bombs Away

If at first you don't succeed, revise it and send it somewhere else. That's what I've done with a story that got rejected last week. I have revised the hell out of it, and I hope I didn't make it worse. If you calculate it all out, I believe I spent about six hours on it. At 417 words, that works out to 69.5 words per hour, or 1.16 words per minute.

During NaNoWriMo, I averaged about 1,250 words per hour, but that did not include revision time.

The new place I've submitted accepts only eight stories for each quarterly issue, and I am imagining they get several hundred submissions. So I'm not holding out much hope. But until I get that return email saying "no way jose, your story stinks," I still cling to a fool's hope.

PS: Seattle is beautiful this week. Despite the rain, the Olympics are glorious across the Sound from the 14th floor of the Wells Fargo building. I do miss living in this city.

1 comment:

Jane D. said...

You have to keep at it...I have zero chance of anything of mine getting picked up because I never send anything out!

You are a good writer. It will happen.