September 14, 2004

War in Iraq? What war?

How come everyone keeps talking about "the war in Iraq" like it's still going on? Wasn't the war over on May 1, 2003, when the Commander-In-Chief declared the "mission accomplished" and "the end of major military action"? Isn't Iraq a sovereign nation now, ruled by its own government with its own Prime Minister and on a path to democratic elections in the coming months? The keys to the country were handed over before the All-Star break (June 28, 2004), and here it is football season already. Iraq nearly won an Olympic soccer medal, for crying out loud!

So stop talking about the alleged "war" in Iraq. It's over, people. Get past it. Move on with your lives, spend (or invest!) your tax cut (we suggest Halliburton stock), and re-elect the Leader of the Free World. He's making the rest of the world more free every day with his leadership, and he's providing money direct to the taxpayers. What more can anyone want?

The slogan of his campaign should be "Freedom and Bread"!

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