September 24, 2004

Bush Defines Democracy

In a campaign speech yesterday, president Bush said he hopes that one day, America will be just like Iraq. In the speech, Bush said,

"Incredibly, [Kerry] now believes our national security would be stronger with Saddam Hussein in power, not in prison. Today he said, and I quote, 'We have traded a dictator for a chaos that has left America less secure.' He's saying he prefers the stability of a dictatorship to the hope and security of democracy."

Leaving aside for a minute the willful misrepresentation of what Kerry actually said (there he goes, misleading again!), we should analyze Bush's statement. We can infer that if he is talking down Kerry, then Bush is implying he believes the opposite. That is, Bush "prefers the hope and security of democracy to the stability of a dictatorship."

Out of context, that's a fine sentiment. In the context of Iraq as the hopeful and secure democracy, it's... well... frightening. Bush said that Iraq is a hopeful and secure democracy. And as president, Bush no doubt wants a hopeful and secure democracy here at home.

That means that Bush said that he wants America to be just like Iraq. Imagine that. Bush wants America to be just like Iraq! Don't believe it? Consider:

  • The government has installed roadblocks and concrete barricades around key government facilities in Washington, just like the Green Zone in Baghdad.
  • Bush encourages American citizens to acquire assault weapons, just like Iraqi citizens have.
  • The Republican neocons have installed a pet puppet leader in our presidency, just like they did with the prime minister in Iraq.
  • Bush is fighting to reduce the rights of women by promoting anti-abortion laws and court actions.
  • Stories and scandals of voter intimidation and election manipulation abound.
  • Bush "leads" with his faith, just like the Imams and clerics in Iraq lead with theirs.

I'm glad Bush is finally speaking what he truly believes: That one day, with hard work and dedication on his part, America can be a hopeful and secure democracy just like Iraq (click here).

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