April 2, 2012

Yes, I'll tweet it all day. My #book is #free today.

Good news, everyone! I've just learned how to schedule tweets. This means I can save a gajillion tweets to be sent over the next 48 hours, while my book is free in the Kindle store! Actually, I won't do that to you (only 3 or 4 scheduled tweets, honest). But I will be tweeting from the Charities @Work conference in New York, where I'll be on a panel Wednesday morning. That is, I'll live-tweet if they have wifi for conference attendees. SEMPER had its first free run in mid February. Since then, with zero promotion, it's averaged about a sale a day. Even better, it's gotten 15 new reviews, nearly all of which are 5-star. I'm very pleased that since its release just over two months ago, it's sold about 50 print copies and been downloaded nearly 3,000 times (including the 2,800 free times during the free run). I'm quite sure I don't have that many mothers or people I owe money, so I think all those stats are pretty significant. If you haven't downloaded your copy, get it April 3 or 4 for free. Kindle readers are available on most platforms. Or buy a print copy. That's allowed, too. If you have downloaded it and haven't read it, give it a chance. Maybe over spring break. Maybe after you've reread The Hunger Games series and seen the movie, and you need another book to love. If you have read it, email me and let me know what you thought. I love to hear from people who've read one of my stories. Oh, and happy poetry month. Go read a poem. Thank you.


Aniket Thakkar said...

I know one thing - this book is going to be technically perfect in every sense. I'm sure it is much more too. :) But I shall treat this as a bench mark for writing.

Have bought my copy.
It's a great feeling when you recognize almost all the names in the acknowledgements. I'll drop a mail for sure, when I complete reading it.

I had always loved your private poetry-blog and the unlucky 26. Also, the 3WWs.

I wish you the success you deserve.

Aniket Thakkar said...

P.S.: Which is quite a lot. :)

PJD said...

Hey you! Great seeing you, and I miss all the banter we used to enjoy. What happened?

Also, nice to see you are still as unrelentingly nice as ever!

Aniket Thakkar said...

Stuff has been happening all around me. I joined a new startup here as their second employee. Knowing your resume, I'm sure you can imagine the hurdles involved. Though we are over an yr old now and things are much more stable and looking good.

I've been working on my own pet project of creating a writing/sharing platform, so that takes up much of the free time. I do try to keep up with the feeds though.

As for being nice, I admit I'm not that nice in my real life. But how can one not be to the friends we have in common. They all are awesome folks and always volunteered to help me.

My prose sucks big time, and Sarah is tirelessly helping me to become a better writer by proof reading every lame thing I write. It's hard not to be nice, in such company. I'm okay at dialog but my narration and verb usage is pathetic. She has suggested I write a paragraph daily describing any real/fictional setting to practice. Please feel free to direct me to any other resource/direction that could help me get better.

That said, the critique you (and Aerin) provide at each CON contest is extremely valuable and often thankless affair. The day I have confidence in my writing I hope to pass on the knowledge I've gained from you folks. Till then, bear with the sugary stuff. Coz I don't say it, if I don't mean it.

After all, I'm straight. So there is no reason for me to follow your blog other than the fact that I look up to your work, right? :) (I would've followed Aerin's blog even if she blogged about how cool the Twilight movies are. ;))