February 16, 2012

haiku wednesday - do-over day

This week's words are angelic, foster, ruin
Where did the week go? Today is do-over Wednesday. Or Second Wednesday if you prefer. Because I apparently missed the first one. Reminder that my novel will be available for free download February 17 through 19. Not that hard to click through a few links for a pal, eh? Starting with this one, OK? Thanks!

foster a false love
angelic intentions fade
we fall to ruins

her angelic eyes
foster love, hold back the storm
shield us from ruin

sing angelic songs
pretend to foster faith's love
while plotting ruin


Wendy said...

Woo, exciting about the book. I'm gonna camp out on Amazon's doorstep and watch you race up the charts. I'll be standing by with water bottles and Gatorade. And my finger on the RT and FB share buttons. :)

PJD said...

Aww! Thanks, Wendy!

Sheilagh Lee said...

congratulations on your book loved these haikus as well