April 13, 2011

haiku wednesday - running-out-the-door edition

This week's words are evident, illusion, tragic
Gotta run... trying to do this in five minutes or less...

evident flirting
was my imagination
tragic illusion

his lies: evident
his success: an illusion
her dead end: tragic

no illusion here
doubt not evident madness
tragic, yes, but true


Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheialgh Lee said:I love these Hiakus. Wonderful works.

earlybird said...

I think the second one is a really good use of the prompt. Succinct.

Anonymous said...

The second one is my favourite

Jae Rose said...

As Bee says the second haiku really packed a punch..a definite favourite..quite chilling in fact..Jae ;)

Sylvia said...

First one is the story of my life...