March 30, 2011

haiku wednesday - multitasking edition

This week's words are loud, persuasive, riches
Today I write while participating in a conference call. I could be called on to respond at any time. I like to live dangerously, on the edge.

tacky shirt, loud pants
your riches ain't persuasive
public speaking fail

votes are hard to get
be loud or be persuasive
but riches work best

persuasive kisses
riches flash in gold, diamond
loud alarms ignored


Christine said...

"loud alarms ignored", sometimes we don't see this when we are blinded by the glitz. Very perceptive.

Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheilagh Lee said: it's ashame that is how some pick a candidate.
Great poem

Unknown said...

Lovin' the second one, Peter.
Here's mine:

Jae Rose said...

'riches work best' favourite line in this great set..Jae

earlybird said...

I particularly enjoyed the second one. Sadly true... it does help.

ThomG said...

you do know how to live on the edge. Great stuff, as always.

Versebender said...

These were all great...numbers two and three are sad truths! Vb

PJD said...

Thanks, y'all! I will try to get out and visit you very soon.