August 18, 2010

Things that take six years

According to a Google search, it takes six years to

Google the phrase "six years," and you see a lot of stories about sports teams, the Iraq war, and felony convictions.  Apart from the conviction stories, which seem to have a lot to do with fraud, murder, and child pornography, mainly the stories focus on things that are decidedly still in progress.

As in, "after six years of war, Iraq still unsettled."  And, "after six years of war, bin Laden still at large."  And, "after six years, eleven out of nine Americans still don't understand fractions."  And, "after six years, Alistair Cook still dead."  (Remarkable, isn't it?  I thought he'd died in the 70s.)

You'd think they might have had the courtesy to have one that said, "after six years, Corner Kick blog still struggling to find itself, not unlike the Buddha who spent six years starving before realizing you can't get enlightened on an empty stomach."  Or maybe, "after six years, Corner Kick blog still unengaging, not unlike Hayden Christensen and that chick he was engaged to but just broke up with."

So it is that I come to six years of blogging, with little to show for it beyond a couple of web awards and a bunch of really awesome totally cool writer and blogger buddies.  Thanks to those of you who stick with me.

I've no idea why you do it.

Even Buddha's friends left him after six years of malnourishment and self denial.


Blogless Troll said...

Hayden will always be with you.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

"Special" friends are made of tougher stuff. I believe the 7-year itch applies to them because, well, being "special" and all, they just don't know any better.

Happy 6th Blogiversary! I'm off to kick a few corners to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

We're waiting for a chance to make out with you.

Phoenix Sullivan said...


A tip: wear steel-toed boots if you plan to do some corner kicking of your own.

pacatrue said...

Hayden, Squee!!!

And you call us little?

Happy 6th blog-day.

No idea who she is, but Rachel Bilson. purr...

And Aerin's using the exclusive "we" meaning her and someone else, not me -- on the making out with you thing.

jjdebenedictis said...

Happy blog-birth-day to yoooou
Happy blog-birth-day to yooooooooou
Happy blog-birth-day, dear Corner Kick
Happy blog-birth-day to yoooooou

*blows paper squeaker*

Precie said...

Rock on, Pete!

PJD said...

Always great to see a troll around these parts. I knew you'd show up if I mentioned Hayden.

Phoenix, sorry about the corners. Steel toes definitely help, unless of course you're using the shinbone kick. In which case... ouch.

Aerin: Remember November.

Paca, the feeling is entirely mutual, I assure you.

Jen, thank you for the song! It totally sounds like you. Or what I imagine you to sound like, when I read your blog.

Precie, dahling, thank you. Rock on I shall, to the extent I am able.

cheers, all.

bluesugarpoet said...

I hear that magical things happen when you rub Buddah's belly. May you find out exactly what that is in these next six years! Happy belated blog day!

fairyhedgehog said...

Kudos on six years! Happy Bloggiversary!

lissa said...

6 years - that's almost the same time I have been blogging, I think it's actually an achievement to have a blog for 1 year - anyhow, happy 6th!

Sylvia said...

Six years! That's an achievement in itself. Most of your examples don't explain six years of what but here, we know what we are in for. We wait for the corner kick.

I'm a little bit worried about the talk of a seven-year itch, though...