January 13, 2010

haiku wednesday - January 13, 2010

This week's words are

A wacky couple of months has kept me from 3WW. And, due to the Clarity of Night contest, I will be unable to make the 3WW rounds this week; my apologies!

zeal of teenage boys
speed, slide, skid, crash, jolt to stop
red ribbon stains snow

a jolt of color
sky's ribbon arc fuels their zeal
they seek pots of gold

jolt my memories
long gone youthful zeal returns
scented hair ribbon


ThomG said...

And you are again?

Long time, no see. Read your short story over at Clarity. Nice stuff.

Another wickedly good treatment for 3WW and your three haiku. Glad you've come back to visit.

Andy Sewina said...

Hi Peter, love your Haiku, as ever.

btw, I think you might enjoy playing the American Sandwich game, you can find a link on my bloggage!

Lilibeth said...

Excellent stuff. Sounds effortless yet evokes immediate sense of the event.

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent. Excellent. Each one visual, vibrant and finely crafted.

Timothy P. Remp said...

nicely crafted haikus.



Julie Jordan Scott said...

I am working on a play - Directing this time: and in the cast are three teen boys. I forget sometimes the unique quality of boys on the cusp of manhood.

Your poem reflects them well.

THANK YOU! (I am new to 3WW. It is grand to 'meet' you, even if it is "hello"! and "See you later!"

Dee Martin said...

I clicked over to Clarity of Night to read your story. Wicked lovely! Loved your haiku as well. I think the last is my favorite.

Lucy said...

always enjoy your haikus
YOu are the one who inspired me to
take a crack at them! thanks!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I've been away awhile, too. Nice to read your haikus again. I especially liked the last one and the way scent is linked to memory.

PJD said...

Thom, I hope to return to 3WW as a regular in 2010 again. I also liked your Poe derivative at Clarity of Night... one of the better entries (no surprise there).

Andy: If I can get to the sandwich game, I'll try. I'm having a hard enough time these days getting to my own blog comments.

Lilibeth: Thank you for the kind words!

Tumblewords: Wow, two "excellent"s! Thank you. Thank you.

Tim: I appreciate the visit and the friendly comment. Thanks!

Julie: Thanks! That's what I was hoping to convey... congrats on directing, and welcome to 3WW!

Dee, thanks for clicking over to the contest. I still can't believe there are 237 entries. When it started, I committed myself to reading and commenting on them all. I'm only 170 into it and need a lot of coffee and couple all-nighters. :-)

Lucy: I inspired you? That's high praise. I will check out your haiku.

Ann, thanks. I guess since we were both away, we didn't miss each other. ;-)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Loved the third one the most. I too am making rounds today after a long time due to CoN.

one more believer said...

glad to see you back... always enjoy yr kuz... that is a great site the CON... lotsa stories to read...

Anonymous said...

second one was vibrant and third one was my fav. Because it painted a lot in those 3 lines. Wonderful, happy to read all of them.