May 11, 2009

The office in Las Vegas

Short walk from the cheap hotel. Glad we'll be indoors since it's supposed to be 97 degrees today. (That's 35 to you Europeans, I think.)


fairyhedgehog said...

My word, that's hot. You didn't get temperatures like that in London. We do temperate over here.

JaneyV said...

Well I think there's a good chance I'd melt in that kind of heat. Although I imagine it's a dry heat in Nevada (I fare better when the humidity is lower). A balmy 28C is hot enough for me.

I'm still hoping to actually make it to LV next year. Hopefully I'll get to see the sights in person!

JaneyV said...

Ha! the Word verification is "excess" - kinda perfect for Vegas don't you think?

Aniket Thakkar said...

Its going 46 degrees out here man. The sun is roasting us. Thats 114 degrees for you. :(

On top of that you are in Vegas. You have a much better deal. :D

PJD said...

Plus, we were inside all day long for meetings. When we exited, it was actually nice getting out of the super air conditioned meeting room into the 90 degree desert air, only to go into the super air conditioned restaurant. After three Newcastle ales (in honor of their pending relegation), I did not notice the temperature on exiting the restaurant.

Now, off to real work for the evening since I was in meetings all day. Which of course is not real work, even though it was important work.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hope you have some fun in there, somewhere. Vegas does have great food.

Chris Eldin said...

I can't take the heat. Soooo glad to be back from Dubai, where the temps were in the 40s.

We're nice and cool here in good ol' Baltimore.


Robin S. said...

Hey Pete,

I really like that picture!

Are you still in Nevada?

PJD said...

Sarah, the fun is limited to lunch with my team and hanging out at the casino bar last night with one of them I get to see very rarely. Otherwise, all business and no fun!

Chris, I'm surprised anyone likes the heat. We did have lunch outdoors yesterday, though (in the shade), and it was surprisingly pleasant.

Robin, I am still in NV today (Wednesday) but return tonight.