February 1, 2007

thursday thirteen (#4)

Thirteen Random Notes From My Recent Trips
  1. The Express Bus is a comfortable, cheap way to get from JFK to Grand Central.
  2. There are almost as many Starbucks per block in New York as there are in San Francisco.
  3. I met a woman in one of my meetings who went to the same college as I did and looks remarkably like another woman I know who didn't.
  4. Although JetBlue was on time (mostly) for me and very comfortable, I'm glad I wasn't one of the people in JFK whose flight came in late and JetBlue didn't hold the connection flight five minutes for them.
  5. I can't believe I watched three episodes of "Top Chef" and one episode of "American Idol" while flying over the midwest.
  6. 30 degrees with biting wind chill can feel tons colder than 20 degrees of windless sunshine.
  7. The New York Public Library should be on everyone's destination list when visiting Manhattan. Wow.
  8. The library's symbol is a lion. Their card catalog database is called CATNYP (Catalog New York Public, I guess.) Cute.
  9. Although I still pretty much hate New York (how could I love it growing up a Red Sox and Patriots fan?), there are institutions I really like in the city.
  10. It's a great thing when you can have lunch with your sister and buy your dad a cup of coffee while on a business trip.
  11. Everone says New Yorkers walk fast with their heads down. I find that to be entirely false.
  12. The next time I visit Minneapolis or New York, I hope it's not in January.
  13. I will be going to New Orleans for the first time in my life next week. That will be quite a different experience, I imagine.

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Unknown said...

LOved this list and last weeks Thurday 13. I have never been either city (yet) so thanks for letting me in on some info

BlondeBrony said...

What a great way to share your trip with us.

Happy TT!