August 20, 2006

I hate being injured

Being injured sucks.

My plantar fasciitis (if that is indeed what I've been struggling with for the past several months) seemed to be healing. I could walk most days with only a little pain in the morning or after sitting for a long time at my desk. Then, last Thursday, I played soccer on it, and something slipped. Today is the first day that I had stretches of as much as fifteen minutes without it hurting like hell. But it's possible that I have a separate injury because the really excruciating pain is more on the side of my heel rather than the bottom of my heel.

I will be missing at least the first month of my soccer season to try to rest it and heal. I hate that boring slog on the stationary bike at the gym. But that will have to suffice until I can get back to normal. I bought some inserts [pdf] for arch support and heel cushion, but I wonder if I'll play this year at all. I already feel myself going soft in the gut.

Being injured sucks.


Unknown said...

The things that helped me last fall with it were: resting it, not walking around barefoot (though I love to), and not doing the things that caused it so much (in my case, standing on ladders and steeply sloping hillsides).

If those don't help, there's always drugs :)

Chard said...

Argh. I can relate. I have this sometimes after lots of walking, dancing, or (especially) playing volleyball.

Best things I've found were inserts that improved arch support as well as padding the heel. Also found that more ankle support in my volleyball shoes (i.e., mid-rise, versus low shoes) made a big difference.

And icing relatively soon after exercising seems to reduce the pain the morning after.

Go Bears!