July 26, 2006

McBride no more on US squad

It was bound to happen. He's 34, after all, so he'd be 38 at the next World Cup. He'd never make the squad, especially not with the young, athletic strikers the US have coming up.

Brian McBride Retires [link]

The article does not say whether he's retiring from club soccer; I rather think not since he's still young enough to play a few more years in the Premier and then return to MLS for a swan song.

Anyway, I'm sad to see him go. I always enjoyed watching him play, always enjoyed his work ethic and quiet confidence. I don't recall ever seeing him dive, and I don't recall any tantrums at referees or linesmen (even when thoroughly deserved). Tough kid. Sorry to see you go, Brian. I'll keep watching you as long as you're at Fulham.

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