May 24, 2006

moving right along

I have had enough of the previous entry's title occupying the top of my page. Bad dharma.

So here is something fluffy: Although I think Taylor will win Idol, I want Katherine to win. That said, I would be more likely to buy Taylor's album than Katherine's, and I've enjoyed Taylor's performances more. But that's because I like KFOG, which is more his style. McPhee is more in line with the other pop divas that are so popular these days. I do love her effortless, crystal voice. And she's hecka cute.

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Jane D. said...

She makes me mad. Bubblegum Pop. I am glad Taylor won. He's a spaz when he dances but it's still better than little miss "I hardly talk to my parents, I don't see them much." Whatever you stupid brat - your parents are there supporting you - your dad crying every time you perform...she might as well have punched him in the face.

Yay Taylor.
Boo Kat.