August 26, 2004

Flip-Flopping Record

Along with all the Olympic and World records falling this week must be another one, for political flip-flopping. Bush/Cheney had a great week in that regard.

First was the flip-flop on Israeli settlements. Bush's "Road Map" for peace in the Middle East called for an end to Israeli settlement expansion. But now Bush supports Sharon's extensions of those settlements, which is proceeding at a nice clip.

Then came Cheney's flip-flop-flip on the gay marriage issue. Four years ago he was inclusive of gays in the Republican party. Then he backed Bush's proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Now he's flipped again to say he personally opposes the amendment but supports Bush.

The Bush administration had two flops in the past two hours alone. First was when he caved to pressure from John McCain on the Swift Boat ad and said he planned meaningless (or worse, dangerous) legal action against ALL 527 organizations. Then came the report from his own people saying that greenhouse emissions are to blame for global warming, after for years claiming that if global warming existed at all, it certainly could not possibly be because of all the oil people burn.

Who is the real flip-flopper in this campaign? George Bush, that's who.

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